Getting your sneaker size right is important to us, we want to make sure your feet are loving the sneakers they’re in. We are produced as a unisex style, our sneaker sizing are TTS (True To Size) as we want to provide consistent sizing that is referenced across globally.


 Our sneakers are designed to ‘give’ a little after the first wear, this is due to the material used in construction, it allows the sneaker to be flexible, and your sneaker will always return to its original shape.We also provide a sneaker wash bag with every sneaker purchase, after a wash cycle your sneaker (once dry) will return to its original form and will be snug when worn, and very quickly ‘give’ back to the shape of your feet. You’ll notice the memory foam inner sole of your sneaker is removable, we’ve designed it that way so it can be properly cleaned on a wash cycle. 

 Please use the table below as a reference when choosing your sneaker size. If you do wear a half size then going up to the next nearest size is what we recommend.