Kalon Athleisure is an authentic Australian label passionate about developing all things streetwear & footwear. A brand built on the vision that everyone deserves to wear high quality clothing and footwear without the designer price tags. Inspired by the growing sneaker market and the trending colours and outfits in Australia & globally, all products produced by Kalon are carefully designed and developed from start to finish.

Kalon Athleisure launched in February of 2019 after 3 years of development and a lifetime vision of my brand. As a tom boy myself I always loved to wear mens clothing & footwear which is where my vision for Kalon began, I would often steal my brothers clothes and change them to  make them look more feminine without taking too much away from their oversize-boyness.

Which is where my love for designing footwear & streetwear began, kalon athleisure formally know as kalon sneakers launch in 2019 with my first ever sneaker design going on sale, as the brand grew over the  months that followed so did our product line,  I made the decision to change our name to kalon athleisure as i prepared to release my first ever season 1 clothing range.

The support we have received to date has been tremendous, our team is already working with some major names on collaborations which will serve to bring out some great designs and allow creativity to rule the look of our ranges.

Kalon Athleisure are looking forward to what the future holds, we hope you are too!